Gilles Furtwängler 

Lives and works in Johannesburg, South Africa and Lausanne, Switzerland.

Graduated from the Art School of Lausanne in Switzerland in 2006, he is developing Since then a work of poetry through readings, paintings, and graphic design. He has participated in numerous exhibitions and presented numerous readings and performances in institutions and art space in Switzerland and abroad (France, Belgium, Bosnia, Germany, Greece Spain, Lithuania, The Netherlands, USA, Mozambique, South Africa, Philippines) Member of the contemporary art center Circuit in Lausanne and artists group Makrout Unité, he wins a Swiss Art Awards in 2015. He also received the new geneva Quark Award 2014 and the Encouragement Award from ProLitteris in 2013. In 2016 he received the 2016 Grant of the swiss state of Vaud. In Switzerland, he is working with the art gallery Skopia in Geneva.

It starts with a direct address to the spectators, followed by interpellation, questions, injunctions, truths, morality, counter-truths, irony, hypocrisy, cynicism, absurdity, and contradictions. It may end with an invitation, a warning, pirouettes, long silences, songs or cries. I write, read, declaim and paint texts.

My work is based on communication. Everything is shaped for an objective and abstract communication, ironic and moral, definitely poetic.