Where can we start when we want to evoke a hot topic as borders and identities?



Broad and vague.



Panic, urgency can sometimes alter our perceptions. the ability to continue to see a wide picture might be reduced. Then a destroy mechanism is about to start. Eventually, a great part of the picture is missing. The distance that emanates from 2D is growing. Entering in a mental reality/fiction journey That leads us inside a dichotomous temporality. Where is the truth? Is it where we are waiting for it?

The collapse of memories.


Be in a rhythm, the rhythm of life. Do not say everything, let it be,

let it be believed to allow to see.


Words are throwing away. An insane flux of pictures Nothing is tangible. Everything is on our screens. All freezes as mental images. Then, we compose our own mental image. One image. Starting from all of them that we are given to see.

My father is the child of a Greek refugee and immigrant worker. Complying with this land and its customs. The child will become Switzerland. The distant land of Greece has become a myth over time. Only goal: to forget. Forget the pain of the past and the language in which this suffering found its words.


Why is the story repeating itself over and over again?


A quest of the past through a wander in the present. Taken captive by a

 stinging and immediate reality that strikes us hard. The aim of entering into explicit is getting urgent. An act as simple as difficult, take A step towards the other, the stranger. Take the risk of talking about the particular to understand the general.

"The individual will give humanity to the masses." Let the singular take precedence over the plural of movement, displacement in time and space. Let’s take Voltaire as an example. When a dilemma remains unsolved, let’s go out and walk alone to better understand the complexity of the ensemble.